Aalborg Trotting track


Adresse: Travbanevej 25 9000 Ålborg
Length 1000 m.
Surface: Granite granulate


          Aalborg trav.jpg             
Satellite view of Aalborg Trotting track.

Through the 1970-es Aalborg Motor Klub organized ad number of long track events on the Aalborg horse trotting track, culminating i 1977 with the FIM World Long track Championship Final and the Danish Long track Championship . As the trotting track is the same that came when the old Aalborg dirt track stadium got re-built, one can say that the ring got closed.

Aalborg Motor Klub was involved in the legendary 1000 m. races on Aalborg Trotting track, organized by the Jutland Motor Union, and where great international stars like Ole Olsen, Anders Michanek, Egon Müller, Otto Lantenhammer, Peter Collins and many others frequently participated in the 1000 meter meetings.

 September 9th 1973. Danish Long track Championship finals:

scan0003.jpg Results:
500 cc special
1. Ole Olsen                                     Haderslev              25 point.
2. Preben Rosenkilde,                      Aarhus                  20 point.
3. Kurt W. Petersen,                         Ringsted               19 point.

250 cc sport:
1. Carsten Jørgensen,                      Aarhus                  22 point.
2. Poul J. Larsen,                             Aalborg                  20 point.
3. Preben Jensen,                            Hjorring                 16 point.

500 cc junior special:
1. Tage B. Nielsen,                           Esbjerg

500 cc special sidecars:
1. Niels Kjeldsen/Gert Nielsen,         Aarhus.

750 cc sport sidevogn:
1. John Steffensen/Finn Møller,       Aarhus.


 August 10th. 1975: World Long track Championship Qualification


WC qualification:
1. Egon Müller                                  W. Germany         22 point.
2. Ole Olsen                                     Denmark               20 point.
3. Christoph Betzl                             W. Germany         19 point.
4. Runo Wedin,                                Sweden                 16 point.
5. Hans Zierk,                                   W. Germany         14 point.
6. Zdenek Kudrna,                            Czeckoslovakia    14 point.
7. Manfred Poschenreider,               W. Germany         11 point.
8. Don v. Godden,                            Great Britain         11 point.

Danish Junior Championship Qualification:
1. Lars B. Jensen,                             Esbjerg                  7 point
2. Finn Rune jensen,                        Haderslev               6 point.
3. Per Jensen,                                  Midtsjaelland          5 point.
4. Jens C. Lund,                               Esbjerg                   4 point.
5. Allan Jensen,                                Esbjerg                   3 point
6. Carl F. Lund,                                 Esbjerg                   2 point.
7. Jens Rossig Nielsen,                    Haderslev               1 point.
8, Peter Christensen,                        Naestved                0 point.

 August 8th1976. World Long track Championship Semi final:


1. Ole Olsen                                      Denmark,             20 point.
2. Anders Michanek                          Sweden.              19. point.
3. Joakim Kall W.                              Germany              19 point.
4.Conny Samuelsson                        Sweden                15 point.
5.Josef Angermüller                          W. Germany         14 point.
6. Zdenek Kudrna                             Czeckoslovakia    13 point. 
7. Edgar Stangeland                         Norway,                12 point.
8. Don V. Godden                             Great Britain,        12 point.
9. Peter Collins                                  Great Britain,       10 point.

These 9 riders qualified for the the WC final in Marianska Lazne 

September 26th1976. Danish Long track Championship finals:


Results Senior 500 cc:
1. Kristian Præstbro                         Esbjerg                  30 point.
2. Ole Olsen                                     Vojens,                  25 point.
3. Kaj Kristensen                              Esbjerg,                22 point.

Results Junior 500 cc:
1. Alf Busk                                        Silkeborg
2.Torben Therkildsen                       Silkeborg
3. Jens Henry Nielsen                      Brovst

 september 11th 1977.  World Long track Championship final:
1. Anders Michanek                         Sweden                 20 point.
2. Hans Siegl                                    W. Germany         18 point.
3. Ole Olsen                                     Denmark               18 point.
Great favourite Egon Müller had engine trouble and did not reach the final heat

After year 2000 some long track meetings have been staged on the trotting track, organized by the Sports Motor Club Gandrup.

juni 2001. Haribo's Gold Bear race.

15. juni 2002. Haribo's Gold Bear race.

scan0006.jpg Results:
500 cc, Ekspert A:
1. Marius Rökeberg,                         Norway
2. Roberto Haupt,                             Germany
3. Gert Handberg,                             Brovst.

500 cc, Ekspert B:
1. Pål Heia,                                       Norway
2. Klaus Gerdemann,                       Germany
3. Kent Noer,                                    Outrup

500 cc Oldboys special A
1. Hartmuth Ernst,                            Germany
2. Jens Henry Nielsen,                     Brovst
3. Bent Jørgensen,                           Haderslev

500 cc Oldboys special B
1. Bent Haulrich,                               Haderslev
2. Børge Hansen,                             Silkeborg
3. Finn Jørgensen,                           Grindsted


14. juni 2003 Nordic Long track Championship finals


Nordic Championship
1. Marius Rökeberg,                         Norway
2. Jens Peter Nielsen,                      Randers.
3.Jari Ahlbom,                                  Finland.

Gold Bear race.
1. Janne Koivuk,                              Finland
2. Kenneth Burgenhaug,                  Norway
3. Marius Rökeberg,                         Norway


Marius Rökeberg

13. Juni 2004


Sports Motor club Gandrup organized in 2004 this event, where a Soccer nations match Denmark v Bulgaria was shown on wide screen before a speedway meeting on the track. 
In the programme was a speedway class with Nicki Pedersen and his brother  Ronnie,  Bjarne Pedersen and Hans N. Andersern.
A class for long track riders with Robert Barth, Gert Riss og Mathias Kröger from Germany, Brian Karger and Tim Korneliusse from Denmark and Jeremy Doncaster from Great Britain.
Further a class with six british sidecar pairs on 1200 cc Yamaha engines, and quad racers.
Finally a club championship for sports sidecars and 3 old boys classes got ridden.
The meeting ended late in the evening in floodlight fireworks.

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